Our Mission

Deep in the Word, Wide in the World


In 1891, Sallie Nelson donated land along Main Street and a frame church was built at a cost of $1000. Nelson’s Memorial Church was dedicated Feb. 18, 1894. The original frame structure was replaced with the current brick church and dedicated Nov. 28, 1915. In 1989, the Sam Phillips Memorial Wing was added. It included new Sunday School rooms, new rest room facilities, and a wonderful multi-purpose auditorium/gymnasium. As we look to the future, we pray that God will continue to use and to bless Nelson’s Church as we strive to live faithfully as this part of his family.

Who we are

Pastor – Charles Fiore

Secretary – Susan Twigg

Facility Maintenance – Lisa Scott

Key Leaders – Tim Horner, Admin Council Chair; Wayne White, Finance Chair; Ryan Kenney, Trustee Chair